Finally, cottage season is here

If I came equipped with a pressure gauge you’d see the needle dropping almost immediately upon arrival at the cottage. Being there is like a really good drug. When I had kidney stones a few years ago they gave me Demerol and within seconds the pain was dissipating. That’s what being at the cottage is like. When we leave Moncton we’re wound up from our crazy week and don’t even know it and then we sit on the porch of the cottage and decompress. I’m surprised our eardrums don’t pop. We almost always say, with some surprise, “Wow, was I stressed.” Pressure tends to build imperceptibly.

Briefly we thought about moving to the cottage permanently but the real value of the cottage is in being somewhere else. A place isn’t somewhere else if you’re there all the time. Perspective is gained from seeing things from two slightly different angles — triangulation. Slipping out to the coast always provides that perspective and when we come back to the world we see things more vividly. If we moved there, we’d just have to find another place to help us maintain our sanity. We’d need some other refuge.

woman removing items from trunk of car in front of a cottage

The cottage is now paid off

Besides, this year we have a bonus because the place will be paid off and then even the loan payments won’t be an added stressor.

An even bigger bonus this year is that the long haul of doing an internship at CFB Gagetown is over. I loved it, but it’s over and I’m home again and we can whip out to the cottage during the week and commute to Moncton, it’s so close. Eighteen months of seeing each other only on weekends was enough. More than enough, really. School’s over. Time to get on with life.

Boat between two buildings